TIS Petroleum: Empowering Indonesia’s Journey to Net Zero Emissions by Sponsoring Future Energy Asia

Indonesia, a country endowed with abundant natural resources, is setting its sights on a bold and ambitious goal: achieving net zero emissions by 2060. Such an aspiration requires collective effort, innovative solutions, and strategic partnerships. In this pursuit, TIS Petroleum emerges as a pivotal player, demonstrating its commitment to environmental stewardship by sponsoring Future Energy Asia, a platform aimed at accelerating the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

Future Energy Asia, one of the world’s premier energy conferences, is set to taking place in Bangkok – a capital city at the center of the fastest economic growth in the world and a driving force in Asia – Future Energy Asia and Future Mobility Asia together comprise a vital platform to showcase the policies and priorities of a region critical to meeting global environmental targets.

The event start from 17-19 May 2024 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center with Dr. Veerapat Kiatfuengfoo Deputy Permanent Secretary, Minister of Energy Kingdom of Thailand, opened Future Energy Asia and Future Mobility Asia in Bangkok, calling on industry leaders to work together to harness the opportunities of the global energy transition.

Over the coming three days, Future Energy Asia and Future Mobility Asia was set to welcome 18,000 visitors to hear from over 350 CEOs, policymakers, and technical experts about the critical trends, challenges and opportunities shaping the energy and mobility sector today.

As the world grapples with the escalating climate crisis, nations are increasingly prioritizing sustainability and decarbonization. Indonesia, with its vast potential for renewable energy and commitment to environmental preservation, is poised to lead this charge in the Southeast Asian region. By envisioning a future where energy production aligns with ecological integrity, Indonesia aims to not only mitigate climate change but also foster economic growth and social development.

TIS Petroleum, a leading energy company with a strong presence in Indonesia, recognizes the urgency of transitioning towards cleaner energy sources. By sponsoring Future Energy Asia, TIS Petroleum underscores its dedication to facilitating this transition. Through strategic investments in renewable energy infrastructure, research and development initiatives, and community engagement programs, TIS Petroleum is actively contributing to Indonesia’s journey towards sustainability.

Future Energy Asia serves as a catalyst for dialogue, innovation, and collaboration within the energy sector. By sponsoring this influential platform, TIS Petroleum is facilitating knowledge exchange, fostering partnerships, and accelerating the adoption of renewable energy technologies in Indonesia. From solar and wind power to biofuels and hydrogen, TIS Petroleum is exploring diverse avenues to diversify Indonesia’s energy mix and reduce its carbon footprint.
The Strategic Summit sessions were set to include a keynote address on the future of LNG in Asia, a spotlight panel on the importance of regional partnerships to support the energy transition, a future grid panel on powering the smart grid revolution, and an energy leadership diversity spotlight on attracting and retaining talent.

Globally, transport-related emissions are responsible for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. Modernising the mobility sector in Asia will be instrumental to achieving a successful energy transition and Future Mobility Asia – the region’s most comprehensive mobility forum – plays a critical role in enabling this.

Together, Future Energy Asia and Future Mobility Asia provides the only integrated, diversified summit and innovations showcase for ASEAN’s Energy and Mobility transition and transformation missions.

Achieving net zero emissions by 2060 requires concerted efforts from government, industry, and civil society. TIS Petroleum recognizes the importance of collaboration and stakeholder engagement in realizing this ambitious goal. By leveraging its expertise, resources, and network, TIS Petroleum aims to drive meaningful change and inspire others to join the movement towards a sustainable future.